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RE: [zzdev] :zz: PC development-- that'll be a browser window

Ted Nelson Said:
>Actually, the current plan is to "port" merely by
> outputting our brick-mode windows (what you see now)
> to Netscape.  This is our highest priority.

Hmm, how would files be saved and such?  I can sorta of visualize what you
mean, but it seems like it might be kind of clunky and slow.  That would
still be better than nothing I guess.

As I stated earlier in my "zigzag on windows" message, the biggest problem I
had was getting the DB_FILE package working.  I tried it again briefly with
0.54, I get a different message than before but it still doesn't work
leading me to believe something of what I did was wrong.  Also I think the
curses package was a problem.  I commented out the 'tie db' to see if the
rest would work but it didn't, I attributed it to the fact that the database
needs to be there to function at all.  The screen display was all screwed up
and I could sort of navigate but nothing useful(besides the obvious fact
that it would be only an in-memory edit, which if you've been following my
message is all that I have now..)  I guess my point is that I would think
that these problems would also be present in the browser version unless you
stripped the curses and DB_FILE package, viz. A plain vanilla perl version.
If it helps the ActiveState port includes the ability to have
'perl-script'and there is also a version that comes with a Microsoft Kit
that also has this ability.

As I was re-reading that it occurred to me that I'm talking about zigzag
running on my system, you weren't referring to a version that ran on the
server-side where you?  Hmm, that would certainly be different.

I guess in my head I'm approaching the port in a different manner.  I was
thinking of a more native windows application.  (thought shift)Another
thought I had was to implement it as a File Viewer like they do for
zip/tar/gzip etc. files in certain 'explorer-like' programs and as explorer
extensions.  This would be neat in that it could function as the sought
after file-system replacement product, or at least bring it closer.  You
could also do a 'zigzag drive' file system component much like they now have
for treating a tape drive as a virtual drive.

I think one issue in the whole windows thing you need to consider is, how to
use the mouse.  I can think of a number of ways to use it but I think the
most basic would be to support clicking on items to navigate.  I happen to
use a track-ball that has 4 buttons on it that could also be put to good
use.  Another add-on is the new -thumb wheel on new mice.  You could even
support a joystick.  That would be neat, especially with all the additional
buttons and such they usually have.

A straight Perl port would also be a good first step.  A turn key of all the
binaries you need would really help.

Ted Nelson also asked:
(Mark, do you do Perl?)

No, I'm a Visual C++ and Visual Basic programmer.