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Navigational Devices

> I think one issue in the whole windows thing you need to consider is, how to
> use the mouse.  I can think of a number of ways to use it but I think the
> most basic would be to support clicking on items to navigate.  I happen to
> use a track-ball that has 4 buttons on it that could also be put to good
> use.  Another add-on is the new -thumb wheel on new mice.  You could even
> support a joystick.  That would be neat, especially with all the additional
> buttons and such they usually have.

I agree. For a program that is supposed to be another paradigm of computing,
there certainly seems to be an over-fixation with keyboards and zigzag.

To fluidly use the conceptual possibilities, other input devices need to be
considered. I think one of those architectural/CAD 3D joysticks (with rotating
knob) would be ideal if you have deep pockets.

Also, graphics tablets and even Nintendo style data-gloves may be usable.