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[zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] JDK1.1/1.2 compat. problem: cursor keysjjjjj

Hi, Tuomas

>Could you please try to isolate problems so that we could fix them?

We're going to try to.  Our big presentations are tomorrow, so we have to
concentrate on working around problems rather than documenting them.  But
after tomorrow we'll especially try to isolate and document them.

I can tell you one extremely odd one right now, though.  We can't key the
number 9 into the cell number buffer!  It's happened to all three of us,
using completely different keyboards. 

Also, in the process of putting together separate demos, both Ted and I ran
into the situation where the cell number appearing in the lower left of
each window would all of a sudden "stick", ie not change when you move to a
different cell.  A little while after that, it would disappear completely. 
We thought we were being clever by keying in some cell number and keying g,
because then the cell numbers would come back.  But we later found out that
the data structure at that point was corrupt and couldn't be reloaded. 
It's very difficult to say what the series of events leading up to the
"sticking point" are because we were doing all the usual stuff -- new
cells, linking cells, new dimensions, rotating dimensions, hopping, etc.

More soon,